Bianka von der Erlleiten

23.04.1992 – 09.12.2005

Bianka von der Erlleiten

ÖHZB 528
Dam: Biene von Anzenthal
Sire: Alf vom Freihof
Color: blue roan
Breed show: excellent/excellent 60cm
Exterior: excellent
Austrian Junior Champion 1994


AP 168 points, sil.
FWP 1st prize 280 points
VGP 1st prize 391 points
BTR, JE, SwP 2ed prize

Bianka was a puppy from Alf`s (Alf vom Freihof) first litter with Biene vom Anzenthal. She was bread at the Haider kennel in Pattingham, Upper Austria. At the time I didn’t want to take on a second dog in addition to Beauty. But when no one was interested in fat little Bianka out of this litter blessed with 8 females and 1 male, I decided to take her along to Vienna. I was hoping to find a good place for her there.
It wasn’t easy for her at Beauty’s side, because I was only focused on Beauty and her training. Perhaps for this reason Bianka developed her hunting skills very quickly and was always ready to show me what she could do. At the age of 12 weeks she was able to retrieve each duck from the water, she fetched everything she could find and soon her favorite task was to retrieve lost things. This was a big help for me in everyday life, not only in hunting.
Once we sent her to search for a lost car key in the woods and she found it after 15 minutes. Another time I had forgotten the key from my flat at a bench approximately 500 meters away – she ran back and brought it to me.
Bianka was a typical quiet and obedient Large Munsterlander when she was searching the fields. She had excellent pointing ability and was brilliant at finding wounded animals in blood trials after shooting.
At the age of 6 months Bianka had already had her first hunting experiences. She retrieved her first pheasant together with Beauty. It was a great picture and I was sorry that I didn’t have my camera with me. After that she always strongly protected her “own booty”. Thus I decided quite quickly not to give Bianka away after all. In the meantime, “Zwergi”, which we nicknamed her, was growing into a very good-looking dog. She seemed to be our old breed with heavy, old German Longhair ancestors.
After losing Beauty very early in a car accident I was truly glad to have Bianka at my side. After successful APs and FWPs we participated in our first VGP and came in 1st. She made me so proud! After we finished additional special trial she became my first breeding bitch. I founded our kennel “vom Tannermoor” in 1993. She had 4 litters and the puppies inherited her great hunting abilities and social attributes. All of them found good homes and lovely owners.
I must admit that I lost my passion for hunting when Bianka got older – too old to spend a whole day out hunting. The most important reason to become a hunter was my dog and without my partner it wasn’t fun anymore. In addition, I didn’t want to force my old bitch into second place by coming home with a younger one. She was number one and I wanted to honor her.
In 2005 Bianka’s son “Chester vom Tannermoor” mated a bitch close to our place. One of the female puppies was “Bunny vom Dorfplatzl” and she completely won me over. Bunny met her grandmother in May 2005 and both could enjoy their time together for a few months. On December 9, 2005 Bianka fell asleep forever.
“Dearest Bianka, thank you for being my best friend ever and for staying with me in lonely and difficult situations. You always made me smile. You were a great dog and had an incredible personality.”