Beauty vom Freihof

Beauty vom Freihof
05.03.1991 – 09.02.1993

Beauty vom Freihof

ÖHZB 489 / ZGM 44/91
Dam: Espe von der Karbeck
Sire: Eddi von Marienbrink
Color: White with black patches and spots
Breed show: vg/vg, 60cm
Exterior: excellent
Austrian Junior Champion 1992


AP 168 points, sil.
FWP 288 points, 2ed prize

sil: dog sees the game and barks as he follows it

Like her name says, Beauty was a beautiful dog. She was also very vicious towards game, which of course is good in a hunting dog. I didn’t have much of a choice when I was looking for this puppy because Beauty was the only female in the litter. And I was anxious to have a sister for Alf, so it was my only chance at the time. I never regretted that I didn’t have a choice and had two wonderful years with her.

I had great expectations for my young dog. I received a lot of advice and tips from experienced dog trainers and hunters, and also invested a lot of time in literature. I went to hunting dog training courses regularly on weekends and went all over Austria with her to get the best possible education for her. I had her company everywhere, even at the university (later on Bianka also accompanied me). Together with Beauty I learned to train hunting dogs the right way. I was really proud when we received the maximum number of points at the AP (VJP), 168 points, in spring of 1992. And it also was a great feat when Beauty and I took part in the field and water trials in autumn and came in second. Beauty was amazingly fast in searching the fields and in her general work. In addition to this she was absolutely easy to lead. We had a lot of fun together and I learned many useful things about hunting and hunting dogs during this unforgettable time with Beauty. At this time I also signed up for my hunting license. At these hunting dog trials I needed to shoot and I didn’t like having to ask other people to do it for me all the time. The main reason was to provide opportunities for my dogs to use their natural and acquired skills to enjoy the real life of a hunting dog.
Unfortunately we didn’t have much time together. Beauty died in a car accident on February 9, 1993. She had fatal injuries and there was only one way to help – to try to alleviate her pain and give her love and support in her last minutes.
I was glad to have “Bianka” already; she had been with us since summer 1992. She had learned many positive things from training with Beauty and she gave me much comfort and consolation during this time. She took over Beauty’s place.

Beauty vom Freihof